Girls Boarding School

Hi and welcome to our Girls Boarding School website.  This website was created with the intent of providing the most relevant information about girl’s boarding schools.  We hope that you find the information here that you are looking for.

What Exactly Is a Girls Boarding Schools?

Girls boarding school is a private all girls school that houses kids on-campus during the academic school year.  Most of the kids return home during the summer and on holidays, though there are students that are only day students and attend classes during the day, but return to their homes in the evening. A girls boarding school has strict academic and behavioral standards and do not tolerate difficult students.  If young women become disobedient or fall behind in their class work, they risk expulsion.  Many parents choose boarding school over traditional public school because of the quality of education, the lack of violence and bad influence within the school, or because of the type of programs the different schools have to offer.

What Are The Advantages of a Boarding School for Girls?

Girls Boarding SchoolAn all-girls boarding school can have significant advantages over public schools.  Many of the students that attend boarding school have attended the private schools for most of their school years and have adjusted to the standards and requirements of the school.  So it isn’t often that a student of boarding school will fall in with “the wrong crowd”.  Another advantage that boarding school has is the quality of education.  The schools are privately funded and can afford highly qualified instructors and all the necessary course materials that students need.  Class sizes are often much smaller than public school and girls receive a great deal of one-on-one attention from their instructors.  Boarding schools really prepare kids for college and most of the graduates of boarding school go on to do very well in their college and career lives.

What Are The Disadvantages of a Girls Boarding School?

Although a girls boarding school does have advantages over public school, the programs are not without faults.  Many social experts disagree with single-gender education programs because studies have shown that single-sex programs have unfavorable outcomes with students’ gender social skills.  An all-girls boarding school tends to set very high, rigid standards that can create a lot of pressure and stress on students.  Some young women are not emotionally equipped to handle the stresses of private boarding schools and can become depressed or anxious, or develop other problems like, eating disorders.  If an adolescent starts showing signs of emotional problems, the school will likely expel that student for not meeting academic requirements, as opposed to providing the type of help the student needs to excel in the environment she is used to.

A Better Alternative to a Girls Boarding School

For a healthy on-campus academic education, we do not suggest a private all-girls boarding school.  Although these schools have great benefits, they are not the most stable environment for adolescents to flourish in.  Our program of choice is a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school for girls.  Our recommended residential treatment centers offer what private boarding schools do, without the stress and rigorous demands that those private schools can put on an adolescent.  Young women go through so much during their adolescent years, it does not help to create stress and pressure through academic ideals.

166_Middle School Closing_ 06012012Our residential treatment centers are set-up to create the structure, stability, and quality education that boarding schools offer, but we have the therapeutic tools that help troubled young adolescents explore the underlying cause of their problems and how to overcome them.  We have the professional staff available to handle kids that may struggle, or are struggling through their adolescent years.  If you are seeking quality alternative education for your daughter, please contact us right now and let us tell you more about our highly qualified programs and what they can do for you and for your child.

Our expert recommendation for you and your teen is worth the call, as not all treatment centers or girls boarding schools are the same. Please contact us now!

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