Top Girls Boarding Schools

About Top Girls Boarding Schools

Top girls boarding schools are single-sex schools that house girls on-campus during the school year.  The top boarding schools are ranked by academic test scores.  Some kids that attend boarding school only attend classes during the day and return home after classes are out of session, but most of the students live on campus during the year.  Girls boarding schools are single-sex schools to limit the social distraction of the students so that they can focus on academics.  Boarding schools are private schools and parents are responsible for tuition, though many schools do offer scholarships and other financing options to lessen the cost.  Parents often use boarding school to give their daughters a better education than they would receive in public school.  Also, private top girls boarding schools are very structured and disciplined and parents will utilize this as a preventative measure against poor behavior in their children.

Advantages of Boarding Schools

Top Girls Boarding SchoolsMany girls find boarding school to be a great school where they develop lasting friendships, explore many different subjects and after school programs and learn many different social and life skills. It is true that top girls boarding schools have many advantages over traditional public schools.  The school sizes are much smaller and students have more time with the instructors, the quality of education is greater because the schools are privately funded and can afford all the necessary academic material and very qualified instructors.  Private boarding school also gives young women the opportunity to learn different social skills like: communication, leadership, and teamwork.  Kids develop other excellent personal characteristics such as: integrity, maturity and responsibility.  Some of these lessons are harder for kids to learn in public school.

Disadvantages of Top Girls Boarding Schools

Even the top girls boarding schools has disadvantages, though.  One of the downsides of all girls schools is the social impact that they miss out on from attending co-educational schools.  Some social experts argue that this limits gender socialization that young kids need.  Another downfall of top girls boarding schools is the high academic and behavioral pressure that adolescents undergo while enrolled.  These schools hold very high expectations of their students and if expectations are not met, they risk being expelled from the program.  For adolescent’s that are going through many personal changes and could be experiencing emotional problems, this could be devastating.  The programs are not equipped to help a student that is in emotional or personal need and do not make the best options of boarding schools for youth.

Alternative Options to Top Girls Boarding Schools

Hiking behind PonytailTop girls boarding schools do have excellent educational systems and can really provide a great atmosphere for young women, but it is definitely not the best program for every young woman.  The demands and expectations of top boarding schools can put too much pressure on a young woman and can cause a tremendous amount of stress.  If the stress is not dealt with in productive ways, then it can turn into other emotional problems like: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug use, aggressive behavior, or worse.  Stress has often been a precursor to suicide in adolescents.  Young women need to be in a safe environment where they feel secure, stable, and protected.  That doesn’t happen in top girls boarding schools.

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